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RPG Superstar Games Designer Helper

Many of you who frequent Paizo's annual RPG Superstar competition will be very fond of the lack of formatting and general poorly submitted entries to the contest that stab your eyes during the first round of public voting.

So I decided to tackle a personal C# project to build a designer tool that will help people get things right and make our voting life so much easier.

Obviously I am concentrating on the first round, and have started with the old favorite - wondrous items.

The tool will contain hints and tips on designing such, allow american spelling to be checked, support localization and generally get an entry into the proper format for submission by filling in the blanks.

It will be extended with new tabs for all sorts of games design tasks over time, but start small they say. The initial check in is a very rough and ready to get the general idea across. The code is very rough and ready as it stands and I am now refactoring like mad, so the general quality should improve immersureably over the coming months ;)

The code is in c# 6.0 so you will need to use a Visual Studio 2015 family or higher product to build the code. It should be all inclusive as I have tried not to import packages, everything is here in this product including the hunspell libraries for the US spell checking built into the controls.

All controls should allow manual entry if you update the project as new releases may introduce new data sets that until entered, the user of the application should be able to enter manually - the idea is not to tie the designers hands to a restricted data set, but provide a structured tool they can use.


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